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As the business environment grows increasingly complex, human capital becomes the only sustainable source of competitive advantage for an organization. Companies that are successful at finding, retaining and developing good employees will outperform their competitors, achieve higher financial success and build greater shareholder value.

Brightsoft’s NAV HR add-on efficiently organizes and processes detailed employee records: Maintains all employee records such as employment contracts, absences, qualifications, confidential information, experience, skills, training, education, and union memberships. 

It also helps to manage all areas of human resources easily and accurately by eliminating the time-consuming, manual process of redundant data entry and decreasing the margin of error. Role Tailored access and tight security features ensure that sensitive information gets delivered to only the right people.

The add-on has a leave management functionality module where employees apply for leaves via a web portal and the HR department can approve or disapprove the request via the main system. The functionally also keeps a record of all the leave balances of every employee.