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Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) ERP software system assists in efficiently managing customer records, sales histories, contracts, and service agreements; creating and launching marketing campaigns; tracking customer activity; and forecasting and tracking parts consumption.

The built-in functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers reliable tools for sales and marketing teams by providing access to current information via seamless integration with Microsoft Office. Quickly and effectively analyze performance using powerful reporting tools and keep sales and marketing staff current and connected while mobile with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Service integration.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 include the following granules:

organizes campaigns based on contact list segments that can be defined according to specific criteria such as contact profiles, sales histories, and interactions.

organizes tasks relating to all sales and marketing activities. Create to-do lists and assign tasks for other users or teams

monitors sales opportunities by allowing the division of sales procedures into stages, presenting an overview of sales potentiality

maintains an overview of contacts offering a customizable approach. This granule integrates seamlessly with the Sales and Receivables granule.

records all interactions with contacts such as telephone calls, correspondence, and meetings. Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates fully with Microsoft Office allowing documents to be attached to interactions in Word, Excel, or .txt files

logs all email correspondence. Log inbound and outbound email sent through either Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Outlook with the use of Microsoft Exchange Server

sends and receives electronic invoices and credit memos, which are then integrated, along with scanned paper invoices, into the document management application